Watershed Profile: Marsh Creek near Ansonia Station, PA

Watershed Overview
Marsh Creek begins in the borough of Wellsboro in Tioga County, PA and flows north and then west to its confluence with Pine Creek east of the town of Ansonia Station, PA. The entire Marsh Creek Watershed is located within Tioga County, PA. The monitoring station is located on state forest land approximately two miles upstream of the mouth.
Drainage Characteristics
  • Drainage Area (square miles): 78.26
  • Total Stream Length (miles): 113.3
  • Average Annual Flow at Station (NHD) (cfs): 110.4
  • Population (2020): 5,745
Stream Classifications (Pennsylvania)
Designation Miles
Cold Water Fisheries 26.53
High-Quality Cold Water Fisheries 50.59
Warm Water Fisheries 36.18
Total 113.30
  • Land Use
  • Description Percentage
    Water 0.33
    Developed Open Space 5.79
    Low Urban 1.09
    Medium Urban 0.56
    High Urban 0.25
    Barren 0.07
    Deciduous Forest 48.14
    Coniferous Forest 1.33
    Mixed Forest 22.54
    Shrub Scrub 0.50
    Grassland Herbaceous 0.32
    Pasture/Hay 15.71
    Cropland 1.00
    Wetlands 2.37
Underlying Geology
Rock Type Percentage
Sandstone 78.97
Shale 21.03
Inactive Station
The station is active but not currently transmitting data. Please contact SRBC for more information.
Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas Pads 20
  • Natural Gas Water Withdrawals 1
Public Water Supply Withdrawals
  • Groundwater 8
  • Surface Water 5
NPDES Discharges
Description Count
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation 0
Mining/Quarry 0
Stormwater 1
Wastewater Treatment Plant/Sewage Treatment Plant 2
Other 4
Stream Impairments
Source Category Miles
Highway/Road/Bridge Runoff Aquatic Life 7.40
Highways, Roads, Bridges Construction Aquatic Life 2.10
Channelization Aquatic Life 1.10
Combined Sewer Overflows Aquatic Life 2.80
Dam or Impoundment Aquatic Life 4.60
Municipal Point Source Aquatic Life 2.80
Urban Runoff/Storm Sewers Aquatic Life 7.40