The Guardian, the Commission’s electronic newsletter, informs our stakeholders on a quarterly basis of important studies and technical projects, proposed policies and regulations, and other items of interest to residents, communities, and businesses of the Susquehanna River Basin.

Fall 2023
Route 120 West Branch
  • Executive Director's Message
  • So Many Ways to Save
  • A Little Goes a Long Way
  • Navigating to the Money
  • Changing as Our Climate Changes
  • Permitting Done Better
  • In Good Hands
  • Downstream Happenings
Fall 2023 Guardian Newsletter
Summer 2023
Cowanesque Lake
  • Executive Director's Message
  • Surveying Streams, Restoring Rivers
  • Water Quality Trends -- What's Changing?
  • Meeting Over Mussels
  • Understanding the Juniata Flood Risk
  • SRBC Engineer Earns National Recognition
  • Downstream Happenings
Summer 2023 Guardian Newsletter
Spring 2023
  • Executive Director's Message
  • A Decade of Assisting
  • Hunting Microplastics
  • Predicting River Conditions with AI
  • Telling Scientific Stories
  • Money for Monitoring
  • Gardening for Good
  • Downstream Happenings
Spring 2023 Guardian Newsletter
Winter 2022
staff at fort hunter
  • Executive Director's Message
  • Dry Cooling -- A Water Conservation Success Story
  • A Tale of Tagged Trout
  • Over the River and Through the Turbines
  • Studying Stream Salinization
  • Partnering to Protect
  • Follow the Federal Dollars
Winter 2023 Guardian Newsletter
Fall 2022
  • Executive Director's Message
  • New Season: Eels in the Classroom
  • Fish Detectives on the Case
  • Who Dunnit?
  • Spreading Science
  • SRBC Scientist's Research Published
  • Coming Soon: CU Grants Round 2
  • Downstream Happenings
Fall 2022 Guardian Newsletter