Application Process

Welcome to the Commission’s listing of forms and applications. Online applications are available for aquifer testing plans (ATP), alternative hydrogeologic evaluations, withdrawals, minor modifications, and consumptive water uses including Approval by Rule(e) and Approval by Rule(f).

General Information

General Permits

Proposed General Permit 03 - Cooperative Fish Nursery The Commission is proposing a new general permit, General Permit GP-03 Cooperative Fish Nursery. In general, cooperative fish nurseries are overseen by member jurisdiction agencies, and follow member jurisdiction regulations, policies or standards for their operation. GP-03 is designed to provide a pathway for cooperative fish nurseries, in partnership with a member jurisdiction fishery authority, to withdrawal water for flow-through use in nursery operations and related incidental uses. Under SRBC regulations, many of these cooperative nurseries would be subject to the full review under 18 C.F.R. Part 806. GP-03 is designed to avoid duplication of those member jurisdiction authorities and standards, and covers three water-withdrawal activities for cooperative fish nurseries.

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General Permit (GP-01) - Groundwater Remediation Projects General Permit (GP-02) - Groundwater Withdrawals for Emergency Uses or Maintenance Activities New!
Grandfathered Water Uses Registration Program
Surface Water

The online Groundwater Projects Water Withdrawal application and plan/Alternative Hydrogeologic Evaluation tools require use of Firefox.

Aquifer Testing

Alternative Hydrogeologic Evaluation

Groundwater Withdrawal Application

Consumptive Use

Approval by Rule (ABR)

Consumptive Use by Natural Gas Industry (ABR(f))

Consumptive Use – Non-Gas – Sourced by Public Water Supply, Stormwater, Wastewater, and/or other Reused/Recycled Water (ABR(e))

Minor Modifications

Into-Basin Diversion Application

Out-of-Basin Diversion Application
An Out-of-Basin Diversion application should be submitted with the Consumptive Use Application. Please see the Consumptive Use Application section above.

Emergency Certificates

Prior to initiating an Emergency Certificate application and for information, please contact Todd Eaby, Manager, Project Review at [email protected]