Watershed Profile: Canacadea Creek near Almond, NY

Watershed Overview
Canacadea Creek flows north and east before joining the Canisteo River at Hornell, NY. The contributing watershed is primarily in eastern Allegany County, NY with a portion extending into western Steuben County, NY. The monitoring station was located in the mid-reaches of the watershed, near Almond, NY.
Drainage Characteristics
  • Drainage Area (square miles): 46.66
  • Total Stream Length (miles): 66.2
  • Average Annual Flow at Station (NHD) (cfs): 66.2
  • Population (2020): 2,786
Stream Classifications (New York)
Classification Use Miles
Class C Support Fisheries (Non-Contact) 63.17
Class C (T) Support Fisheries, Non-Contact With Trout Population 0.67
Class C (TS) Support Fisheries, Non-Contact With Trout Spawning 2.39
Total 66.23
  • Land Use
  • Description Percentage
    Water 0.10
    Developed Open Space 5.87
    Low Urban 1.30
    Medium Urban 0.51
    High Urban 0.09
    Barren 0.45
    Deciduous Forest 56.15
    Coniferous Forest 6.04
    Mixed Forest 12.17
    Shrub Scrub 0.31
    Grassland Herbaceous 0.33
    Pasture/Hay 15.05
    Cropland 0.97
    Wetlands 0.65
Underlying Geology
Rock Type Percentage
Shale 99.98
Historical Station

This is a historical station. Data were collected between 12/17/2010 and 05/16/2014.

Visit the Historical Station page.

Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas Pads 0
  • Natural Gas Water Withdrawals 0
Public Water Supply Withdrawals
  • Groundwater 13
  • Surface Water 0
NPDES Discharges
Description Count
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation 0
Mining/Quarry 0
Stormwater 5
Wastewater Treatment Plant/Sewage Treatment Plant 2
Other 1