Watershed Profile: West Branch Susquehanna River near Milton, PA

Watershed Overview
The West Branch Susquehanna River originates in northern Cambria County, PA. The West Branch flows north, east, and then south through 6 counties before its confluence with the Susquehanna River north of Sunbury, PA. The monitoring station is located several miles above the confluence with the Susquehanna River near Milton, PA.
Drainage Characteristics
  • Drainage Area (square miles): 6680.55
  • Total Stream Length (miles): 12017.5
  • Average Annual Flow at Station (NHD) (cfs): 11373.5
  • Population (2020): 437,761
Stream Classifications (Pennsylvania)
Designation Miles
Cold Water Fisheries 3945.32
Exceptional Value 1495.66
High-Quality Cold Water Fisheries 5209.51
High-Quality Trout Stocked Fisheries 79.30
Trout Stocked Fisheries 370.24
Warm Water Fisheries 917.49
Total 12017.52
  • Land Use
  • Description Percentage
    Water 0.56
    Developed Open Space 4.17
    Low Urban 1.31
    Medium Urban 0.52
    High Urban 0.18
    Barren 0.26
    Deciduous Forest 52.94
    Coniferous Forest 2.93
    Mixed Forest 22.99
    Shrub Scrub 1.20
    Grassland Herbaceous 0.94
    Pasture/Hay 7.75
    Cropland 3.35
    Wetlands 0.90
Underlying Geology
Rock Type Percentage
Dolomite 1.47
Limestone 2.55
Quartzite 1.03
Sandstone 73.93
Shale 21.01
Recent Results
Sample Time 4/17/2024 11:15:00 PM
Temperature  (C) 12.51
Specific Conductivity  (mS/cm) 0.131
PH 7.58
Turbidity  (NTU+) 16.21
Dissolved Oxygen  (mg/L) 9.8
Dissolved Oxygen (last month of readings)
pH (last month of readings)
Specific Conductivity (last month of readings)
Temperature (last month of readings)
Turbidity (last month of readings)
Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas Pads 592
  • Natural Gas Water Withdrawals 27
Public Water Supply Withdrawals
  • Groundwater 1259
  • Surface Water 95
NPDES Discharges
Description Count
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation 12
Mining/Quarry 70
Stormwater 277
Wastewater Treatment Plant/Sewage Treatment Plant 86
Other 350
Stream Impairments
Source Category Miles
Acid Mine Drainage Aquatic Life 1145.90
Agriculture Aquatic Life 303.30
Atmospheric Deposition Aquatic Life 189.40
Channelization Aquatic Life 6.80
Combined Sewer Overflows Aquatic Life 2.80
Crop Production Aquatic Life 21.30
Dam or Impoundment Aquatic Life 14.60
Erosion from Derelict Land Aquatic Life 13.18
Golf Courses Aquatic Life 5.30
Grazing in Riparian Zones Aquatic Life 43.00
Habitat Modification Aquatic Life 17.00
Highway/Road/Bridge Runoff Aquatic Life 97.50
Highways, Roads, Bridges Construction Aquatic Life 2.14
Impacts from Hydrostructure Flow Regulation Aquatic Life 16.10
Impervious Surface/Parking Lot Runoff Aquatic Life 2.10
Industrial Point Source Aquatic Life 7.00
Municipal Point Source Aquatic Life 7.90
Natural Sources Aquatic Life 5.26
On-Site Treatment Systems Aquatic Life 25.69
Removal of Vegetation Aquatic Life 15.59
Rural (Residential) Aquatic Life 68.20
Source Unknown Aquatic Life 3.29
Streambank Modifications Aquatic Life 4.71
Surface Mining Aquatic Life 3.37
Urban Runoff/Storm Sewers Aquatic Life 30.90
Source Unknown Aquatic Life 18.00
Source Unknown Fish Consumption 104.60
Source Unknown Potable Water Supply 1.80
Source Unknown Recreational 397.00