• Commission Programs & Activities
  •      Sediment and Nutrient Assessment Program (SNAP)
  •      Fish Passage Facilities
  •      Assessment of Interstate Streams
  •      Large River Assessment
  •      Tioga River Restoration
  •      West Branch Mine Drainage Remediation Strategy
  •      Consumptive Use Priority Areas
  •      Potentially Stressed Areas
  •      Anthracite Region Mine Drainage Remediation Strategy
  •   Continuous Instream Monitoring Network
        Active Drainage Area
        Historical Drainage Area
  •      Watershed Studies
  •      Map Packages
  •      Lower Susquehanna River Source Water Protection Partnership
  •      Flood Warning Systems
  • Groundwater Recharge Locations
      Highest Groundwater Recharge Potential (Highest Quantile)

      Groundwater Recharge Potential (Quantiles)
        Above Average
        Below Average
  •   Subbasin Surveys - Year 1
        Lower Susquehanna
        Middle Susquehanna
        Upper Susquehanna
        West Branch Susquehanna