Welcome to the Mine Drainage Portal

This portal provides public access to data compiled as part of the Commission's efforts to assess and track impacts to water quality from mine drainage in the basin.

Within the Mine Drainage Portal, you will find chemical data for parameters typically associated with mine drainage impacts within the rivers and streams in our basin. These data were acquired from a variety of data sources, as noted in the agency field.

 Search for Stations & Sample Data

Use selection lists to filter and analyze mine drainage sampling locations and data. Users can filter by administrative boundaries or watersheds.

 Mine Drainage Map

Use a map to view mine drainage sample locations, impaired streams and abandoned mine lands. Spatial tools are provided to query data and zoom to areas of interest.

 Submit Mine Drainage Data

Submit mine drainage data to the SRBC. Here you'll find the spreadsheet and contact information for data submissions.

For continuous and single "point-in-time" water quality data at select locations, please visit the Commission's Continuous Instream Monitoring and Water Quality Data Portal .

Learn more about the SRBC Mine Drainage Program.