Water Application and Approval Viewer - WAAV

Welcome to the Water Application and Approval Viewer (WAAV). WAAV provides access to information on water withdrawal, diversion, and consumptive use projects regulated by the Commission. Through this viewer, visitors can -

  • Find the status of pending and approved applications;
  • View and download pending application summaries;
  • View and download Commission approvals;
  • Find the list of approved water sources for the natural gas industry, by project sponsor; and
  • Sign up via RSS Feed to receive electronic notices of pending applications.
Pending Applications

The Commission posts pending application summaries. The summary is only a portion of the application materials received by the Commission and is posted in order to provide an overview of the proposed project. The summary has been modified to remove specific locational information for public water suppliers per Commission Regulations and the Commission's Access to Records Policy. 18 CFR § 801.14(b)(8); Policy No. 2009-02(1)(f)(11). To request access to complete applications, See Policy No. 2009-02 Access to Records Policy.

Please note:

  • Application summaries posted on WAAV contain information submitted by applicants and the accuracy of that information may not have been validated by Commission staff.
  • Once an application is acted upon by the Commission, the application is no longer available through WAAV.

Approved Applications

Project approvals (dockets, approvals by rule, etc.) are generally available on WAAV approximately three weeks following Commission approval.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or are not locating the information you are seeking.