Executive Director's Message

Fall 2023: News & Views from the Susquehanna River Basin Commission!

Andrew D. Dehoff, P.E., Executive Director

I’ve been asked why the Susquehanna River Basin Compact between the states was for a term of 100 years. Not only did that reflect an enduring commitment among the partners and the federal government, but it acknowledged that comprehensive management of water resources, not to mention restoration projects, are, for better or worse, long-term endeavors. That certainly requires patience for those eager to see progress, but also requires us to periodically check to ensure that progress is occurring. I hold myself as Executive Director to that same standard – can I say that progress is happening under my oversight?

With last month being the 10-year mark since my appointment to the position, I assessed what the dedicated team at SRBC has accomplished since 2013, and I can confidently say we’ve moved the basin’s resources in a positive direction:

These achievements are only successful mile markers on the continuing road to success and our efforts must continue. In this issue you’ll get a glimpse at some of those efforts, as I invite your continued interest in our journey.

Best regards,
Andrew D. Dehoff, P.E.
Executive Director