Dam No. 5, Stafford Meadow Brook

Compliance & Enforcement Program

The Commission manages the water resources of the Basin, which includes the regulation of large water users that meet specific water withdrawal and consumptive water use criteria. To maintain and enforce these regulations, the Commission has dedicated staff that conducts random and routine inspections and audits, responds to complaints, and contacts facilities that may need to apply for Commission approval.

For further information, please see Ensuring Compliance & Enforcement with Commission Regulations Fact Sheet.

The Monitoring Data Website allows approved facilities to submit quarterly water usage and passby data, review and submit post-hydrofracture reports, print invoices and dockets, and view and print historical monitoring and passby data.

The Commission's Water Application and Approval Viewer is an interactive map of existing and potential permitted projects.

The Compliance & Enforcement Program works closely with the Commission’s Project Review Program. Click here for more information on the Project Review Program.