Lower Susquehanna River Subbasin Year 1 Survey, 2017

One of the missions of the Commission is to protect water quality and instream uses of streams within the Susquehanna River Basin. To accomplish this mission, Commission staff lead several projects and programs to better understand the interactions of biological, chemical, and physical traits of streams throughout the Basin. One such program is the Subbasin Survey Program, which involves rotating annual water quality, habitat, and macroinvertebrate assessments in each of the six Susquehanna River subbasins. This program is funded in large part through Section 106 funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

In Spring and Summer 2017, Commission staff visited 47 sites on streams within the Lower Susquehanna Subbasin to evaluate water chemistry, available habitat, and the health of the stream macroinvertebrate communities. Commission staff summarized the findings of this study in an ESRI storymap, which can be found here.